Public Speaking for Children of PGRI 1 Vocational School, Balaraja


  • Neng Yulianti Program Studi Ilmu Keperawatan, Stikes Faatir Husada Balaraja Tangerang, Indonesia
  • Antonius Rino Vanchapo Program Studi Ilmu Keperawatan, Stikes Faatir Husada Balaraja Tangerang, Indonesia



communication effective, public speaking, students


Everyone really capable speak however only some who can concoct words into beautiful language and can interesting public for hear it . So, by simple public speaking means ability speak with do the language " game " in front audience.Public speaking or speak in front general no Becomes something rare in the era Up moment this . All individual sued skilled speak in front of general for convey the goal . In study communication , public speaking skills become part from communication effective that is convey message to audience with the right and interesting way attention . Moment In this case , public speaking is one of the ability absolutely necessary in the global era. Hal the triggered by the demands of the times and existing technology now this is forcing individual for can compete increase quality self . Place importance public speaking skills miss from the definition of public speaking alone . In the ' Empowerment . activity to the Community' (PKM) which involves writer , public speaking training took the place at SMK 1 PGRI BALARAJA, TANGERANG Reason targeting students  student at school the is none other than for equip students knowledge related Skills do public speaking . The majority student class X and XI not yet completely believe self ' when showing herself to public . Therefore with method lectures and exercises  (practice ), students challenged brave to front and present his opinion.


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Yulianti, N., & Vanchapo, A. R. (2022). Public Speaking for Children of PGRI 1 Vocational School, Balaraja. Journal of Community Engagement in Health, 5(2), 121–127.




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