Advanced Health Communication between Family with Efective Communication


  • Antonius Rino Vanchapo Department of Nursing, Faathir Husada College of Health Sciences, Tangerang
  • Siti Sakinah Department of Nursing, Maranatha College of Health Sciences, Kupang
  • Devi Silvyana Rosa;oa Department of Nursing, Faathir Husada College of Health Sciences, Tangerang



communication, family, SMA, SMK


In Indonesia, there are still many parents who apply conventional ways of educating their children. This method makes parents always on the side of those who want to always be right and don't want to listen to their children's opinions. As a result, children feel apathetic when they want to express their feelings or opinions and this is the main obstacle to communication in the family, even though if we can listen to each other we have also taught children about good communication, this will be long term in the future. If we continue to educate in a conventional way, it will cause children to tend to be closed, introverted and difficult to open up when there is a problem, this will risk the child to become depressed, and anti-social because the first experience children get in the family is never being listened to by their own parents. Traditional Indonesians believe that a high level of control is the right way to educate children. However, sometimes parents do not realize whether the psychological characteristics of their children are in accordance with the parenting style they apply.


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Vanchapo, A. R., Sakinah, S., & Rosa;oa, D. S. (2023). Advanced Health Communication between Family with Efective Communication. Journal of Community Engagement in Health, 6(1), 129–134.




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