Communication and Behavior Change at SMAN 30 Tangerang


  • Awaliyah Suwety Akademi Keperawatan Maranatha Groups
  • Erna Styaningrum Stikes Faatir Husada Tangerang
  • Kanah Kanah Stikes Faatir Husada Tangerang



behavior, change, communication, students


Communication is a way of disseminating information and sharing it with others. More formally, it is the transmission of information between a source and one or more receivers, the process of sharing meaning. Use a common set of rules We transmit information in different ways. To the people. This is often done in spoken or written language. but non-verbal communication also plays an important role in other interactions. For example, body posture, facial expressions, clothes worn, also contribute to the transmission of messages and constantly disseminate information. Intentionally or unintentionally. About our perceptions, intentions and feelings. Communication is unavoidable, it's not just about our own identity. You can get your message across without saying or doing anything. If you don't laugh or laugh at the right time, you can convey your message as hard as a smile or a laugh.


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