Forming the Power of Effective Communication in the Era of Globalization in Students and Students YPI El-Syarief Kresek, Tangerang District



  • Priyo Sasmito STIKes Faathir Husada Tangerang
  • Fitri Fitri STIKes Faathir Husada Tangerang
  • Juan Antensius Pentau STIKes Faathir Husada Tangerang



communication skills, PKM, students


Basically as living beings and as social beings, humans can interact with one another using communication. Communication can be done by anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Communication is a very important human activity not only in group or organizational life, but also very important in human life in general. Communication is an essential thing in human life. Communication can be done in simple to complex ways. However, everyone cannot understand the concept of effective communication where the development of technology and communication in the current era of globalization has drastically changed how humans communicate. The demands of the times force people to really study and understand technological developments and communication in the current era where humans have to be good at processing words and sentences so that the communication that is carried out really goes well so that they can get effective communication and not experience miscommunication. in expressing thoughts or perceptions expressed. In the "empowerment to the community" (PKM) activity which involved the YPI EL-SYRIEF school community in counseling the formation of a strength or communication skill in the era of globalization which took place in class 11 YPI EL-SYARIEF KRESEK which was attended by students of class 10 and class 11 the purpose of the extension is where the author wants to equip students with communication skills. Lecture methods, practice and giving questionnaires that challenge students to directly practice how to communicate. Which is a form of counseling and training so that in the future these students can communicate effectively, both verbally and nonverbally, and are confident in expressing opinions or perceptions using media or tools by paying attention to the effects that are caused.


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