Communication in the World of Work


  • Alpian Jayadi Institut Kesehatan dan Bisnis Surabaya
  • Munawaroh Munawaroh STIKes Faathir Husada Tangerang, Indonesia
  • Pamela Yolanda Sondaq STIKes Faathir Husada Tangerang, Indonesia



communication, cooperation, world of work


Basically our lives as social beings, everyone who lives in a group society, when carrying out their daily activities from the time they wake up in the morning until they go back to sleep in the night. Forever we will be involved in communication activities. Which thing to do as a consequence of social relations through interaction with the people around them. If you observe more closely about human activities in their daily lives, then some mostly filled with communication activities ranging from chatting, reading, listening to the radio, or watching television and so on. This proves that, in social life, communication has to be the heart of human life. Therefore the author makes service activities to society about effective communication in the world of work. Aimed at facilitating students and female students when entering a life that is more towards the world of work by way of communication effective. Because communication has become one of the keys to success and plays an important role in success  someone entering the world of work.


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Jayadi, A., Munawaroh, M., & Sondaq, P. Y. (2023). Communication in the World of Work. Journal of Community Engagement in Health, 6(1), 43–47.