Effective Communication in Social Life


  • Emanuel Suban Bala Lewar STIKes Maranatha Kupang
  • Anggun Latifah STIKes Faathir Husada
  • Tenku Fikri Atoillah STIKes Faathir Husada




communication, SMA, SMK, social


Communication is something that is needed in everyday life, if we are not careful in communicating we can be denied that it will lead to misunderstanding of fellow human beings. Communication in everyday life both in social life, by using verbal words, but also using non-verbal words. Without communicating, there will be no relationship between fellow living things. This correspondence relationship is related to the attitude or behavior of everyone who also has to change or has the potential to adapt to a different society. Each of these cultures will shape, fortify and change mentality and behavior both individually and socially in the social climate in question. For that we have to instill good communication to make a decent life between us. And then in conveying not only to convey the message, but to change behavior. So that with effective communication, we can understand each other and can strengthen one another.


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Lewar, E. S. B., Latifah, A., & Atoillah, T. F. (2023). Effective Communication in Social Life. Journal of Community Engagement in Health, 6(1), 79–82. https://doi.org/10.30994/jceh.v6i1.386