Effective Communication Implementation in Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic at Alarobi Rancailat Vocational School


  • Yuli Yanti STIKes Pamentas
  • Hani Irmaya STIKes Pamentas
  • Aslihah Aslihah STIKes Faathir Husada Tangerang, Indonesia
  • Libertus Bage STIKes Faathir Husada Tangerang




covid-19 pandemic, effective communication, online learning


Communication is something or activity that cannot be avoided by humans as social beings, humans are destined to live interdependence between other people and live in society. In the world of education, communication is very important. Effective communication is an integral part of the learning process. Several countries including Indonesia are being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused ineffectiveness in communication. During the pandemic, interactions were very limited. In fact, several tourist attractions were not allowed to carry out activities and schools were closed. During the pandemic, Indonesia implemented an online learning system where this method was something new for Indonesia itself. As a teacher or lecturer at the forefront of learning, you must prepare how online learning can be as effective as face-to-face learning. The purpose of this counseling is to find out students' understanding of effective communication and provide insight into effective communication in online learning so that students are able to understand the messages conveyed by the teacher.


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