Internal and External Coordination of Implementation Strategy Branding Hospital as a Determiner in Development Medical Tourism in Stone City


  • Indasah Indasah Institut Ilmu Kesehatan STRADA Indonesia, Kediri, Indonesia
  • Muhamad Rizal Amin RSUD Karsa Husada Batu, Indonesia



Coordination external and internals, medical tourism, strategy branding


Law Number 36 of 2009 concerning Health explains that health is a human right and one of the welfare states that must be realized in accordance with the ideals of the Indonesian nation. The industrial era 4.0 encourages hospitals not only to develop a vision or mission oriented on social humanitarian activities, but in it there are business aspects in managing a hospital. Many competitors require hospitals to carry out marketing activities to satisfy the needs and desires of their customers more than competitors in order to survive and thrive in high competitive intensity. RSUD Karsa Husada Batu has potential in both its strategic location and object tourism, and many excellent services. Strategy Branding became a treatment priority at Karsa Husada Batu Hospital and is a determinant in development medical tourism. The activity was carried out on March 23-25 ​​2023 with the aim of identify problems with the policy system and health service management in terms of problems related to the absence of regular monitoring and evaluation of strategy implementation branding carried out by the Karsa Husada Batu Hospital team. The method used is by coordinating with internal and external parties related to strategy branding hospitals, in this case the coordination that is carried out is the preparation of Monitoring and Evaluation Team Decrees, preparation of monitoring and evaluation schedules, and supporting documents in conducting monitoring and evaluation.


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